Start and grow a profitable computer repair business

A Virtually Untapped, $40 Billion Industry That Requires
No Overhead, No Experience, and Can Be Run From Anywhere.


Start a Computer Repair Business


The $40 billion computer repair industry is the single biggest opportunity for entrepreneurs since the technology age began. Windows Renew is the only solution that can help you successfully start a computer repair business.

There are 3 reasons why you should start a computer repair business:

1. Computer repair is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and there is no slowdown in sight. The # of computers in the world is expected to double to 2 billion units by 2014.

2. The computer repair industry is recession-proof. Even in a down economy people rely on their computers for all aspects of their lives at home, school and work.

3. You can start a computer repair business with barely any overhead. You don't have to worry about expensive equipment, high insurance costs, large office space, or even a busy retail store location in order to be successful.

How to Start a Computer Repair Business from Home


A home computer repair business is the most popular computer repair business model that entrepreneurs choose when starting up. This business can be run from anywhere and promoted through virtually free online and word-of-mouth marketing campaigns. Your bread and butter will be the services you provide, which will require nothing but your time to deliver. A home computer repair business is one of the top home-based opportunities for entrepreneurs who are working on a limited budget.

Computer Repair Business Plan


Windows Renew provides entrepreneurs with a computer repair business plan that makes starting a computer repair business easy. The bottom line is computer repair is extremely profitable. On average, companies bring in $60 - $150 an hour for services plus an additional profit from computer upgrades and monthly maintenance contracts after they implement our computer repair business plan.

Starting a PC Repair Business with No Experience


You don't need any fancy certification, schooling, or degree to start a pc repair business. You don't need to get a special license, or city permits. You don't have to worry about regulators or inspectors. The pc repair industry is wide open.
The good news is that 99% of pc repair business owners don't know a thing about business, marketing, branding, customer service, competition, networking, and building lasting relationships with clients.
It will be easier for you to start a pc repair business in your area and take market share with our suite of marketing and business development campaigns.

Computer Repair Business Software


Windows Renew provides entrepreneurs with computer repair business software to successfully deliver these services. Our computer repair business software will give you an advantage in the marketplace and set you apart from your competition. Consumers have been conditioned by the biggest brands in the world to expect polished services, slick marketing, and a "wowing" end-user experience. Windows Renew helps you deliver this caliber of services and branding with our computer repair business software.

Starting a Computer Repair Business with Windows Renew


So what happens when our intimate knowledge of running a computer repair business, mixes with our experience of crafting marketing and business development campaigns for computer repair businesses across the globe, and then collides with the insight our CEO has gained from marketing for Fortune 500 companies?

You get the perfect storm of a business package that brings a new approach to computer repair and completely makes it easy to start a computer repair business. You get a truly unique opportunity that has the brains, the power, and the punch behind it.

You get Windows Renew.

Windows Renew provides entrepreneurs with the marketing and operations training and tools they need to successfully start a computer repair business, a $40 billion industry that is desperately under-served. We completely take the guesswork out with our turn-key system.

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